Issue: Cutting-edge, Google-based email system for the City of Los Angeles

Gmail LogoIn 2009, The City of Los Angeles was facing a historic budget crisis. At the same time, the City direly needed an updated email system. After the City’s Information Technology Agency issued an RFP for a new system and conducted a comprehensive evaluation, it chose arnie berghoff & associates’ client CSC, which proposed installing a new “cloud”-based Google email solution. This system stood to address the City’s requirements by being both modern and affordable. The Google/CSC solution delivers a state-of-the art email system with all of Google’s features and applications. It also saves the City a substantial amount of money by reducing the need to replace and maintain dedicated email servers, as well as by requiring fewer employees to run such a system. Although a large competitor of Google waged a very strong lobbying campaign against the CSC/Google cloud system, arnie berghoff & associates successfully convinced the City that the recommended system was the right solution.